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I went drinking last sat night, and I remembered that we had a discussion on here recently about alcohol and calories. Well, its the hangover munchies that I hate the most! When I feel so shit, I think eating is worth it if it will help, and I feel so so hungry, it totally sucks! So.. I did bad on sunday, and the alcohol (cocktail) calories themselves also screwed saturday. But, I have had a good week otherwise and have remained at 56ish kg. I just need to make the next 'push' now that I appear to have stabilised around 56. Will be happy to reach 54. Was happy to reach 56 but been here before a couple of times in last couple of years (thou its always been a brief visit), and 55 is kinda blah..but 54 is territory I haven't occupied since 2009 so will be exciting :) I have time to type all this nonsense as - bad news for this weekend - my first ever hen weekend, effective restriction may prove nigh on impossible, damage limitation may be the best I can hope for. I'm on a train to Manchester, and todays calorie total is under control, but, as last weekend, sat will be buffed up with alcohol cals and sunday I will be hung over and will need to stay strong. Anyway, the group of us are staying in a luxxy apartment in the city centre, we are going to a cocktail class on saturday, then back to the apartment for a 'life drawing' session with a NUDE MALE MODEL, lol!! Then we are hitting the town dressed in 1920's gear! On sunday, we are going to a spa, but I'm getting the panicky fuck right out of there first thing sunday morning. There is NO WAY I am swanning around in a swimsuit in front of girls I've never met, or even girls I have met! Only my poor sod boyfriend has to endure the baring of my flesh. My god this train is making me feel pretty uncomfortable. I am drinking gin and slimline tonic, in preparation for conversing with hen night people I've never met, who are probablky going to be thin, funny, confident, well dressed etc blah de blah, BUT, even all these 30-something professionals around me, smelling so fresh and beginning to chat and flirt are making me feel like I want the ground to swallow me up. Was running too late and forgot to pack a book or my ipad or anything. Boo. Anyways. Be strong people. These girls around me might be happily chatting but, and its NOT the only thing that matters, BUT, they are all chubby, lol. Take care peeps, stay strong but take it slow x

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